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How to Create a Shared Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Struggling to keep track of your team’s schedule? Imagine everyone from your team is on the same page, meetings don’t clash, and deadlines are clear. A shared calendar in Microsoft Teams can be your helpful tool. This article will show you exactly how to set up this calendar and get your team on the same page.

Limitations of the Built-in Microsoft Teams Calendar 

The built-in calendar in Microsoft Teams has some limitations that can be frustrating. For starters, it only offers daily and weekly views. For long-term planning, It’s not ideal.

If you’re trying to map out project milestones for the next three months or schedule annual events, the daily and weekly views just don’t cut it. You end up missing the big picture, which can make it harder to keep track of long-term goals and deadlines.

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Benefits of Using Shared Team Calendar

  • Enhanced Visibility: The “Shared Team Calendar” app gives you a clear, comprehensive view of all team events, making it much easier to see what’s happening and when. This improved visibility helps everyone stay in sync and better coordinated.
  • Custom Views: With options for different calendar views, like monthly or quarterly, you can plan and manage long-term projects more effectively. These custom views let you see the bigger picture, which is great for scheduling milestones and important deadlines.
  • Team Collaboration: Sharing events and schedules boosts collaboration by ensuring everyone knows what’s going on. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to work together and stay organised.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Shared Team Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Installation and Setup

  1. Visit the Microsoft Teams app store
  2. Click on the Add to a team and choose the team/channel where you want to add the calendar.
  3. Click on the Set up a tab to install the app.

Creating a New Shared Calendar

In Microsoft Teams, go to the team/channel where you installed the app and click on the Team Calendar tab. A pop-up will appear asking for permission to access and display meetings associated with the team/channel. Click “Continue” to grant access.

If you prefer not to grant permissions, you can still use the app to create new events, but you won’t be able to view meetings scheduled for the team/channel.

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Adding Events to the Shared Calendar

  1. Go to the Team Calendar tab and Click on the New event button.
  2. Add the tag, Enter the date, time, and description
  3. Click on the Save button

Viewing and Managing the Calendar

  1. Switch between views: You can switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views to see your schedule from different perspectives.
  2. Manage existing events: Edit details or delete unnecessary entries as needed.
  3. Enable notifications: Go to Settings to enable notifications for upcoming events.

Everyone in your team can create events in the Team Calendar. All team members can view all events created within the Team Calendar tab, regardless of who created them.


With shared calendars, coordination becomes seamless, conflicts are minimized, and productivity improves. Ready to get started? Get your Shared Team Calendar now

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